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Mater Christi Student Council

Our Mater Christi School Student Council is an elected group of middle school students who take on leadership positions in the school each year. Under the guidance of Assistant Principal, Mr. Kiante Jones, the members of the student council make a commitment to work both for the benefit of Mater Christi School and in the service of those in need. Core members and sub-committees work to organize social and extra-curricular activities, investigate and choose charitable organizations to support and educate the student body about each organization chosen.

Students involved in student council learn to work with peers and adults to create an exceptional school environment and to make a difference in the world around them. The leadership skills developed during student council give students a voice and the knowledge that they can make a difference.

Each month the student council sponsors and is involved in several activities. Below is a monthly outline of activities:


  • Election of officers following campaign speeches
  • Establishment of committee chairs
  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- Diocesan Hurricane Relief Effort)


  • Serve Lunch at the Welcome Table (St. John’s/ St. Ann’s Outreach)
  • Clothing Drive
  • Halloween Party
  • St. Peter’s Rehab Visit at Halloween
  • Kindergarten pot-luck supper activities
  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- Make-A-Wish)


  • St. Peter’s Rehab Visit at Thanksgiving
  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- Leukemia/Lymphoma Society)


  • Christmas Dance
  • St. Peter’s Rehab Visit at Christmas (caroling)
  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- Adopted Families for Christmas)


  • Game Night for 4th and 5th graders
  • Serve Lunch at the Welcome Table (St. John’s/ St. Ann’s Outreach)
  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- Alopecia Foundation)


  • Valentine’s Day Dance
  • St. Peter’s Rehab Visit at Valentine’s Day
  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- TWILL)


  • St. Peter’s Rehab Visit at St. Patrick’s Day
  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- CRS Rice Bowl)


  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- Dr. Bob Paeglow- Koinonia Mission)


  • Graduation Dance
  • Charitable fundraiser (2017- Double H Ranch)


  • Charitable fundraiser (TBD)