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Alumni Welcome


Mater Christi School is working to connect with its alumni to foster social and business relationships among its graduates and, in keeping with the school's mission of spirituality, community, and scholarship, to support and enhance the educational opportunities of current and future students.

If you are a graduate of Mater Christi or St. Catherine of Siena and have not yet registered as an alumnus, please feel free to take a moment to do so on our online registration page.

Registering as an alumnus will allow you to receive notifications, mailings, and newsletters regarding the most recent alumni announcements, social fundraisers such as the Mater Christi Golf Tournament, the Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day Concert with Hair of the Dog, our annual Spring Fling dinner auction, and other school functions.


As a graduate of Mater Christi or St. Catherine of Siena, you can appreciate the exceptional education that our school provides and the invaluable benefit it has had on your success. We invite you to please help continue our success by supporting Mater Christi School. Please review the many ways you can support MCS.


Please consider joining fellow graduates in working on alumni events, writing for the Alumni News, and supporting association activities. Share your expertise and become an inspiration to today's Mater Christi School students.  If you are interested, feel free to contact the school office at (518) 489-3111 or via email at