Mater Christi School

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Special Area Subjects: Kindergarten Grade 8


With almost sixteen thousand books to choose from, our students are encouraged from kindergarten to 8th grade to be proficient and avid readers. Library skills are taught at all levels, with research skills significantly emphasized in grades 6, 7, and 8. Students are presented with different genres of books with a particular emphasis on multicultural literature. Multi-media materials are used to emphasize library selections and cross-curriculum projects are arranged every year.


Computer technology is taught in small groups in an advanced dedicated lab consisting of 12 state-of-the-art PC laptop computers with access to the internet and a networked laser printer. The lab also features an interactive Smart Board used for demonstrations and tutorials.

The students learn how to use Microsoft Office 2007(Word, Excel and Power Point) and apply those skills in projects. Most projects involve integrating technology skills with all of the different subject areas. They develop proficiency in keyboarding skills using the book entitled Keyboarding for Computer Success. Additionally the students learn to hone their research and internet skills while at the same time learn how to safely navigate cyberspace Collaboration is enhanced by the use of tools such as Wikis. Computers and the interactive Smart Boards are available in each classroom for assignment, researching, reinforcement and presenting.

Physical Education

The physical education curriculum promotes good sportsmanship, cooperation and a positive attitude while participating in a variety of sports and physical activities. The kindergarten through 2nd grade curriculum introduces activities and games to help develop gross motor skills including balance, body awareness, major muscle coordination, and spatial awareness. Grades 3 through 8 participate in lead-up activities and team sports. Individual skill development and teamwork are emphasized. Stretching and running are a part of every class to improve and encourage lifelong fitness activities.


Working within the NYS guidelines for art education, our K-8 art program integrates multicultural concepts, an awareness of various artistic styles and periods, the ability to manipulate different mediums, and an appreciation of key individuals’ contributions to the arts. The students learn not only how to create expressive artwork, but also how to discuss their own and others’ imagery. Additionally, by viewing a vast number of paintings and sculptures from all over the world through Internet galleries, students gain a sense of connection with other artists painting.


The music program for Preschool through grade 8 is a sequential progression of study, based on the New York Learning Standards for the arts. Students are exposed, through listening and performance, to a variety of styles including American, multicultural, and classical composers. All grades are given opportunities to compose music for voice or instruments. Students present concerts each year at Christmas and in the spring. After school piano and instrument/band lessons are available.