Mater Christi School

35 Hurst Avenue
Albany, NY  12208
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The Early Childhood Program is designed to provide diverse experiences that foster, promote, and develop readiness concepts and skills within a nurturing environment. It offers many opportunities that enrich the children’s experience by stimulating their natural curiosity. The individual needs, interests, and abilities of each child in the class are met by adapting a developmentally appropriate curriculum and actively engaging students in the learning process.

We collaborate with parents in nurturing faith and values with the children. Stories, songs and prayer, as well as service projects, focus on God’s love for us and His presence in all that we do.

Goals of the Preschool Program:

  1. Provide experiences that meet children’s needs for their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development.
  2. Develop confidence through positive learning experiences.
  3. Develop social skills through play and interaction with peers and adults.