Mater Christi School

35 Hurst Avenue
Albany, NY  12208
Phone: 518.489.3111
Fax: 518.489.5865


Our full-day Kindergarten is designed to encourage all students to reach their full potential while nurturing the joyful, imaginative spirit of a child. Our classroom is devoted to the love of learning and the love of God. We help children work at their own pace in an environment that encourages exploring, learning, and maturing.


Our goals are to teach children to “Love One Another” and learn about the beliefs and traditions of our faith. Kindergarteners pray daily, learn simple acts of kindness, and attend and participate in school prayer services and monthly school Liturgies.

Language Arts

The focus of our language arts program is to develop the skills and confidence of our emerging readers and writers. Students are instructed as a whole group as well as in guided reading groups using a wealth of resources, including a research based reading series. Phonics instruction, leveled readers and daily opportunities for writing and journaling are part of the process. Students also enjoy literacy centers, poetry, games and songs.


Mathematics instruction is designed to help students learn a wide range of mathematical concepts and lay a foundation of basic skills. We focus on hands-on activities that allow for concept practice and math centers to further extend their learning and work in a small group setting.

Science and Social Studies

Students broaden their knowledge of themselves and the world as they explore science and social studies. We utilize learning centers, experiments, reading materials, classroom activities.