Mater Christi School

35 Hurst Avenue
Albany, NY  12208
Phone: 518.489.3111
Fax: 518.489.5865

Grades 1-3


Students celebrate and learn about Jesus Christ and their Catholic faith through participation in prayer services, liturgies and the sacraments. Respect, kindness, and good decision-making are modeled and encouraged. Students are prepared to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. All classes attend weekly prayer services prepared by an individual grade or by the whole school, and each class attends our 8:15 am liturgy once a week.

Students are involved in programs that reach out to the community. Clothing drives and collecting pennies for the poor are two examples of service activities the students participate in throughout the year.

Reading and Language Arts

Through the integrated instruction of phonics, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, decoding skills, students become proficient in comprehension skills, oral reading, effective speaking, and nonfiction and creative writing. Students read and write on a daily basis using writing folders as well as participating in our reading and writing “buddies” program. Reading Theater, a weekly activity where students write and perform their own skits, integrates reading, writing, and public speaking skills.


Math concepts are presented with a goal of mastery of skills in the study of time, money, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts, measurement, and problem solving. The use of manipulatives, cooperative learning, and “math buddies” (where older students pair with younger students one to one) create a positive learning environment that enhances understanding of concepts and prepares students to use their skills in the world today.

Science and Health

The concepts of life, earth and physical science as well as the study of the human body are presented through multi-media resources, texts, hands-on experiments, field trips, museum visits, and presentations by various visitors. The concepts are reinforced with writing, reading, and art activities. The study of nutrition, dental care, personal hygiene, safety, and disease prevention guides students in living a healthy life style.

Social Studies

Students expand on their knowledge of community, country, and the world as they learn about peoples, geography, history, and culture. A variety of resources, multi-media materials, projects, an international festival/luncheon, and the dramatic arts, enrich their learning. Students are taught the importance of patriotism, citizenship, and community involvement.


Students receive instruction through the audio-lingual approach and an introduction to the culture and traditions of Spanish speaking countries. Conversation, verbal exercises, listening, and comprehension are incorporated into a participatory classroom environment.