Mater Christi School

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Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization plays a vital part in the life of Mater Christi School.  Through its efforts an extensive volunteer program is run, which benefits the children and aids the faculty.  The PTO sponsors school related social events.  They also raise funds to purchase items which are used by the students and teachers.

Meetings are held periodically in order to keep the channels of communication open between the home and the school, and presentations are made on topics of interest and concern to parents.  The officers of the PTO are always willing to listen to parents and teachers and they are encouraged to express their opinions, make suggestions and present ideas to benefit our school.

All families are considered members of the PTO.  There are no membership fees.  Please support the PTO by actively volunteering!  Take time to attend a meeting- everyone is welcome!

Parent Teacher Organization Officers

Co-Presidents: Molly Duffy and Alison Calacone

PTO Meetings

All PTO meetings run from 6:00-7:30 P.M. and are located in the school library.  Dates of the PTO meetings will be announced in the school newsletter.