Mater Christi School

35 Hurst Avenue
Albany, NY  12208
Phone: 518.489.3111
Fax: 518.489.5865


Mater Christi School has a history rich in tradition that began as St. Catherine of Siena School.  Through consistent evaluation and planning, programs and facilities have continually expanded and improved to enhance all aspects of our school.


  • 10 additional Chromebooks purchased.
  • Grant application submitted to obtain an additional 50 Chromebooks.
  • Wireless access points and management system installed throughout the main school building.


  • 6 mini iPads purchased and donated to allow for center use in kindergarten.
  • STEM initiative funding allows for teacher training and implementation of Ten80 and Engineering is Elementary programs in grades kindergarten through four.
  • 25 Google Chromebooks purchased for classroom use.
  • Early Drop Off program added to our Extended Day program providing supervision of children from 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.


  • 25 tablets purchased for whole classroom use at the middle school level.
  • STEM initiative implemented.
  • Partnership with The College of Saint Rose expanded to include a working PR relationship with school administration.
  • Grant money provides additional Smart Boards bringing the total to 11 for the 2013-2014 school year.
  • School security enhanced by use of monitored cameras and access system.


  • Three Additional Smart document cameras purchased for classroom use.
  • A Smart Response Classroom Pilot Program is established and Smart Response Terminals are acquired.
  • NYS Common Core Curriculum initiated.


  • Playground equipment installed to create a new play area.
  • Six new Smart Boards and Smart document cameras are purchased and installed in classrooms.
  • Twelve new laptops are purchased for use in the technology lab.
  • Living Environment Regents Course initiated.
  • Partnership with The College of Saint Rose established for Living Environment Regents lab instruction.


  • St. Catherine of Siena School is renamed Mater Christi School.
  • website is created.
  • A new wooden floor is installed in the gymnasium.
  • The new Parish Center is constructed and attached to the existing school gymnasium.   The new space now serves as a Social Center for both the school and church and a dedicated space for middle school math.
  • Advanced microscopes are donated by The College of Saint Rose for use in the middle school science room.


  • On October 1, St. Catherine of Siena Parish and St. Teresa of Avila Parish merge to become the Parish of Mater Christi.
  • Full day option offered for four year old preschool program.


  • New Strategic Plan for 2008-2011 developed and adopted.
  • Kindergarten becomes a full day program.


  • Integrated Algebra Regents Course initiated.
  • Teachers use web based Power School Gradebook.
  • Report cards are generated on Power School
  • Parents can view child’s grades online at any time.


  • First interactive Smart Board installed.


  • St. Catherine of Siena School completes accreditation process and receives accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools (2004-2014).


  • Principal and School Board completed 5 Year Strategic Plan and Diocesan Quality Review.
  • Security cameras and monitor added to main doors.


  • Old church renovated to create Social Center/Gym.


  • The existing Mater Christi Church constructed.
  • Construction completed on a school addition which includes: a new library, science lab, computer lab, and an additional classroom.


  • First Annual Appeal conducted.


  • Alumni Association established.


  • Principal and School Board develop a new 5 Year Strategic Plan.
  • Father Ken Doyle becomes the Pastor of St. Catherine of Siena Church.


  • Preschool opens for 3 and 4 year olds.


  • School Endowment Fund established.
  • Convent renovated to create Parish Center with a large room for meetings and Extended Day, space for a preschool program and parish offices on first floor; computer lab and art room.


  • The Extended Day Program for students is established.
  • Public speaking is incorporated into the curriculum.


  • Principal and School Board develop a 5 Year Strategic Plan.
  • Library moves to main floor of convent.
  • Computer lab with Apple II e computers moves into old library.


  • St. Catherine of Siena School Parish Council is created.


  • St. Catherine of Siena School Board is created.


  • Kitchen and faculty room added to existing cafeteria.


  • St. Catherine of Siena School opens on September 8, 1954, with 246 students in grades 1 through 8.
  • The Sisters of the Holy Names staffed the school.
  • The original school consisted of 8 classrooms, a large kindergarten, reading room, offices for principal and nurse, a small library and a cafeteria/gym.